We hope this will be one of the most rewarding (in every sense of the word) projects you undertake in your lifetime. Target Timber Systems is one of the most respected Timber Frame Manufacturers in the country. We have historically designed, manufactured and erected Timber Frame structures for the construction industry and are now offering this wealth of experience to the self-builder. All our projects come with fully dimensioned working drawing and calculations for Building Regulation approval and our HB353b certificate for NHBC or Zurich certification.

Target Timber Systems for Self-Builders

We Build Buildings Off-Site

Quality and Reliability
Timber Frame construction offers many advantages over other forms of construction in terms of speed, cost and quality, timber frame buildings are engineered and manufactured under factory controlled conditions eliminating the vagaries and delays which have historically frustrated new build. Off-site fabrication can provide further advantages in reducing time on site, waste, defects, noise and dust pollution and tackles the on-site skill shortage. By factory fixing insulation and windows buildings can be secured and weather tight in a matter of days enabling following trades to commence.

Target Timber Systems for Developers

Timber Frame is at the Heart of Sustainable Building

Wood is the only natural renewable building material
Wood is an exceptional construction material. It is highly versatile, has exceptional thermal properties and is strong and renewable.

At a time when sustainable development is at the forefront of construction and key issues such as climate change dominate our thinking timber frame is at the cutting edge. Wood is an outstanding renewable material that offers a range of environmental benefits from low embodied carbon to reduced heating costs.

Target Timber Systems for Builders

Timber is Our Traditional Building Material

The oldest UK residential properties are Timber Frame
History books show that the traditional construction methods used from generation to generation made use of home-grown timber to provide the structural frame for homes.

Today you hear "traditional construction" used to mean masonry, which is not correct - Timber Frame was the first form of prefabrication, and it continues to evolve in response to changing building regulations and changing design requirements so should reclaim its title as the traditional form of construction in the UK.


Timber Frame 3-Storey House

14. 3-Storey House

Guildford, Surrey

Timber Frame Two Detached Houses

15. Two Detached Houses

Ewhurst, Surrey

Timber Frame Georgian Mansion

16. Georgian Mansion

Wentwroth Estate, Virginia Water, Surrey

Timber Frame Large Family House

17. Large Family House

Arundel, West Sussex

Timber Frame Stone-Clad Country Cottage

19. Stone-Clad Country Cottage

Bury, West Sussex

Timber Frame Seafront Property

20. Seafront Property

Brighton, East Sussex

Timber Frame Large Detached House

21. Large Detached House

Arundel, West Sussex

Timber Frame Large Detached House

22. Large Detached House

Cranleigh, Surrey

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Client Testimonials

  • John Gough

    Property Developer

    "The builders choice! I used Target as my preferred supplier for this stunning home in Coolham West Sussex."

  • Phillip Dodson

    Property Developer

    "Target through the long experience of their Directors and Managers have few if any equals in the Timber Frame business."

  • Malcolm Westcott

    Construction Director

    "The Target Timber team provide very clear information which results in a seamless erection of the frame on site."

  • Tesco Statememt

    "We've revolutionised the way we build our stores, so they are as green and sustainable as possible.
    Our aim is to become a zero-carbon business by 2050."

  • Jerry Spindlow

    Property Developer & Self-Builder

    "We would strongly recommend Target Timber to the construction industry and will be using them in the years to come."